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Free Kindle Download of HCSB Available from Amazon

Several months ago I took a giant leap into the digital age by purchasing a Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet. Needless to say, since that time I’ve been reveling in all the free books and apps that are available for download from Amazon for such devices. One of the first items I downloaded was the digital edition of the Holman Christian Standard Bible. I’m not certain how long the HCSB has been available in this free format or how much longer it might remain available. If you’re interested in a really good digital Bible I’d recommend that you visit the link above and download this edition for your personal use. The digital edition is also free on the HCSB site, but the link takes you directly to Amazon for download purposes. (HCSB was still available for free download as of the date of this post.)

I decided to download the HCSB to my Kindle not only because it was free — which is never a bad thing! — but because I also have a “real” copy of this Bible that I’ve used for study for some time. I use the NKJV Bible for Sunday School and for church, but find that using the HCSB alongside the NKJV helps give an all around better translation of whatever it is I might be studying.

There aren’t any extras included in this digital version, such as study notes or concordance, but there are a number of ways you can tweak the Bible to your own taste as far as reading goes. For example, you can change the text size and color, the spacing between lines, how much of the screen is taken up by the text and screen brightness. It’s possible to highlight text in various colors and attach personal notes directly to that text. Bookmarking capability is also included. The text is extremely easy to read and the pages are uncluttered. Anyone who wants a visually clear and easy to read version of the Bible should consider downloading the HCSV.